Fabletics Helps Bring In New Shoppers Courtesy of Reviews Left By Shoppers

Did you know that most purchases made are done so by the power of the crowd? Do you know what that means by chance? For shoppers, this means that they rely on what others think about their past purchases and use the reviews to determine if something is worth purchasing or not. It used to be that people would turn to their closest friends to determine if something was worth purchasing however now, it happens to be complete strangers who are recommending the products being bought.


One business is using this marketing tool to bring out more shoppers to their line. For Fabletics, they are using this method as a tool to bring in more shoppers to the business. Since the first line was introduced in 2013, the business has grown to well over 200% of the original number of shoppers. The business has grown to more than $235 million dollars since it first started.


Fabletics is using the powerful growth of the business to leverage the shoppers to purchase more clothes. The idea is to drive up sales by using shoppers who are leaving reviews of the products they have purchased. The company will use those reviews to encourage others to purchase their products.


Fabletics first started out when someone realized that all the gyms were filled with women in grey and black. The concept was to make women feel empowered once more by bringing more color to workout gear and when you make a woman feel better in what she is wearing, she feels more confident to be able to do more things. The better she feels, the more she will do and when she does more, she will shop more and therefore will purchase more items from Fabletics.


When TechStyle first came up with the concept of bringing out a line of workout gear that would help women to feel better in a gym, they knew they would need someone that a woman would look up to, for them, they knew it was going to be Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson has had no previous line of business work prior to working with TechStyle and since she was going to put her name on it, she knew she had to be involved in everything that the business was doing. In order to be involved, she started investing her time into everything that the company was doing. She looked into marketing and designing the clothing line to ensure that women felt good in the clothes she is selling.

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