The Litigation Process With Attorney Karl Heideck

Simply put, litigation is the whole process revolving around taking a legal action. Whenever two differing parties pursue legal actions against each other, to either defend or enforce a legal right, such parties are said to be involved in a litigation. The work of a litigator entails a wider scope, which keeps them fully engaged in stringent litigation exercises. In some cases, litigators may solve a dispute between parties before it even goes to trial, therefore, most litigators rarely spend much time inside the courtroom unlike other attorneys do.

One of a litigator’s duty is to manage and oversee all the phases of the litigation process. Such phases include, but not limited to, investigations, discovery, pleadings, pre-trials and trials, settlements as well as appeals. The litigation field is unambiguously varied, with a wide range of opportunities and cases ranging from criminal to civil, to corporate suits.

An accomplished litigator such as Karl Heideck will have to possess strong negotiation, research and interrogation skills, as well as the ability to interpret legal terminologies, laws, and court rulings. To be a litigation attorney, one is required to have completed four college years and subsequently followed by three additional years in law school. After all that, the individual has to pass the bar exam as well as a state ethics tests.

Karl Heideck is a proficient, experienced litigation attorney in the Jenkintown, Pennsylvania region of the greater Philadelphia. Karl Heideck started his schooling at Swarthmore College, from where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. He later proceeded to the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in 2006, from where he graduated in 2009 with a Juris Doctor.

Karl Heideck acquired his license to practice law in 2010, and he has been practicing for seven successful years. Currently, Karl Heideck works with Hire Counsel, which is among the leaders in service provision for law firms throughout the United States. Karl Heideck has earned vast experience in various aspects of law across his legal career including civil and commercial litigation, intellectual property protection, corporate law, employment law, product liability, mediation, appeals, legal writing, trials, and arbitration. Karl Heideck’s legal work also focuses on both compliance and risk management.

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