Kim Dao Begins Her Trip to Berlin

About a month ago Kim Dao completed her trip to Paris, France, and headed for Berlin, Germany. In between her trips, Kim Dao was visiting family back in Denmark. Towards the end of July, Kim Dao’s Denmark family decided to go on a car trip to Berlin, Germany. They own a lovely female German Shepherd that likes to be brushed and have belly rubs. Kim Dao and her cousins had sweetbread, eggs, chips, and egg nog for breakfast before beginning their car trip. You can’t really drive to Germany. Kim Dao’s cousin parked the car on the edge of ¬†Germany ¬†. They took a ferry across the North Sea to get to the Berlin shore. The people who run the ferry, store the passenger’s cars on the lower level when going across the sea. It’s against regulations to remain in the car when traveling on the ferry. Learn more:¬†


In Germany, while car was being charged, Dao had some sausage on a bun to tide her over till lunch or the next meal. Unfortunately by the time the family reached the Berlin city, it was raining. Dao made it to the hotel room she shared with her cousin. They freshened up and got ready to dine at a Vietnamese restaurant. After walking around little under umbrellas after dinner, the cousins returned to the hotel where they were all treated to a complementary fruit bar that resembled a pink, gummy taffy. The following day, Dao and her family went to Primark to go

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