The Business World’s Inspiration – Louis Chenevert

The young business persons look up to great personalities to learn from them. This is because they have successfully gone through the steps that they aspire to go through. Louis Chenevert is among these great figures that every generation has recognized as a prominent businessman. Many individuals are even applying his tactics in running their businesses. The journey of Louis has not been easy; he made it through patience and determination.

He worked in many enterprises before joining United Technologies Corporation. This gave him the experience he needed to run UTC. It was great preparation. He worked with General Motors for fourteen years. Before he left the company, he worked as their Production Manager. He later moved to Pratt & Whitney, which is an aircraft engine manufacturer. Through his contribution and great strategies, the revenue of the firm increased significantly. These led to his promotion to the CEO of the company. This marked the beginning of his greatness. It is after this that he was hired as the CEO of UTC.

UTC, being a divergent company, needed an open-minded CEO. Louis explains that he made the big difference through imagination and innovation. During this time, he raised the company’s shares to $117 from $37, which is almost a 200% increase.

He says that he believes in investing in future technology. He believes that it is one of the ways in which the economy of the country safe. By investing in the future, he means the human labor as well. Whenever he spotted idle engineers, he had them transferred to another site.

The current UTC CEO employs the strategies of Louis Chenevert. He believes that in so doing he will maintain the standards of the company. He also believes in the future. This is why they are programs that allow employees to take degrees of their choice. This has boosted the productivity of the employees.

Although Louis Chenevert stepped down from the leadership of UTC, the company owes him a lot of gratitude.
The company applies strategies that he left behind. Through his imagination, he led to the high ranking of UTC.

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