Daniel Taub: An International Diplomat and Writer

Daniel Taub, an Israeli diplomat and international author, was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He gained his education from University College, Oxford, and Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In 1989, he moved to Israel where he served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). He also worked in the international law division in the capacity of a reserve officer. In 1991, Taub joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry.



Taub is also an excellent writer, having written insightful articles on Israel and the Middle East. His articles have been published in highly regarded newspapers with huge readerships like the Guardian, The Times and the Daily Telegraph. He has also published a book with the title ‘Parasha Diplomatit’, which is a book containing his thoughts on his weekly Torah readings. His analysis of the Torah sections are filled with humor and thought-provoking material.



In his long and successful career, Taub has occupied many diplomatic and political posts in the Foreign Ministry of Israel. He is an authority on international law with specializations in counter-terrorism. He has also served as legal adviser in Israel’s missions to United Nations. He was one of the most important negotiators in the peace process between Israel and Palestine.



Taub became the Ambassador to United Kingdom in 2011. In his tenure, trade between Israel and the United Kingdom doubled with a visible strengthening of business, academic and cultural ties between the countries.



Taub is a brilliant public speaker. He has been on most of the international news channels like CNN, Sky News and BBC. In fact, he holds the honor of being the first Israeli Ambassador to appear on BBC Persian. Taub’s tenure as Ambassador ended in 2015 and he returned to Israel.



Taub is also the creator and scriptwriter of a popular Israeli drama called ‘HeChatzer’. The series is set around an orthodox Hasidic sect with the aim of breaking down stereotypes of religious divisions in Israel. Taub also lectures widely on the subjects of negotiation theory and international law on which he has read widely. His lectures are enthusiastically attended in Israel as he is a very articulate speaker. Taub’s writings on religion and politics show his interest in interfaith connections between countries, an area he worked on while he was Ambassador. At one time, he was the speechwriter for Chaim Herzog, the Israeli President.



Daniel Taub has had a highly successful career as an international diplomat and public thinker. Learn more: http://il.linkedin.com/in/daniel-taub






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