Betsy DeVos Champions Conservative Values in New Position as Secretary of Education

There is a lot to be said of the Presidency of Donald Trump and there will no doubt be many differing opinions. However, there is no argument for the fact that Donald Trump is fundamentally moving key positions away from lifelong politicians and putting them into the hands of people who might otherwise have been looked over by past administrations. This is the explicit case with Betsy DeVos, who was elected and confirmed to the post of Secretary of Education. Michigan natives will no doubt be familiar with the work of Betsy DeVos, but those on a more national scale were likely left shrugging their shoulders. Let’s take a closer look at Betsy DeVos and what she brings to the table in the new world that Donald Trump’s presidency has ushered in.


If all you knew about Betsy DeVos was the five minutes she struggled during her Senate confirmation, you don’t know the Secretary of Education at all. While DeVos will admit that she struggled with questions during her confirmation hearing, she’ll be more than ready to point to her long and pointed career in Michigan as a reason for her nomination. Betsy DeVos has been a champion of charter schools and school choice since before it was a popular stance. In fact, DeVos herself helped to make the argument for school choice into something of a national issue thanks to her tireless efforts as the chairwoman of Michigan’s Republican Party.


Born and raised in a Dutch community in Michigan, DeVos would spend her formative years getting close to her community, close to her faith, and close to her political aspirations. She would go on to attend Calvin College and there she would turn into the sharp-edged political ideologue that she is today. DeVos would sculpt her political career out of her core beliefs surrounding education and she would use it to get on the radar for when Donald Trump came calling for a Secretary of Education.


While it is easy to dismiss Betsy DeVos as a meek political figure, due largely to that Senate confirmation hearing, it would be wrong to do so. DeVos has sculpted her outward appearance into an amenable and calm presence but that is not the tone she takes when it comes time to fight for initiatives, provisions, and government changes. In fact, DeVos is rapidly gaining a reputation as a sort of political fighter — one who won’t back down from anyone for anything.


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