Betsy DeVos Is A Champion For American Families Who Long For Freedom Of Educational Choice

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist and educational reformer who works for the people of the United States. She recently became the Secretary of Education for the country and plans to work as hard as she can to see public funds pay for private schools and charter schools. Despite what many might believe after watching her confirmation hearings, she is not against the public school system but would definitely like to see that every family has a choice as to where their kids get their education. Mrs. DeVos feels that we the educational system of today is an antiquated one where kids are forced to go to school based on one simple thing. That thing just so happens to be the zip code of the house they live in. This means that many families do not have an option where they can send their kids to school, and if the public school their kids go to is a failing one, that is just too bad.


Betsy DeVos is not having it, and she has fought for the rights of families in the U.S.A. for more than 30 years. As a reformer of education, she sits on the boards of the Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. She also serves as the Chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to help out with the arts and culture, human services, and the educational rights of every single American family.


Betsy DeVos educational ideas were heavily influenced by where she grew up and how she grew up. In her hometown of Holland, Michigan there is a strong connection to the Netherlands; mainly due to the fact that a lot of people from that country migrated to the area. In past times the Netherlands faced its own similar struggles to see private schools on equal footing with public schools. Religious groups in the country were angered by the fact that liberal politicians wanted to grow public secular schools while diminishing private Catholic schools and other religious-oriented private schools. It is her idea that there should be equal treatment that allows public funds to pay for either type of school.


The people who know Betsy DeVos the best say that she is a very down to earth woman who fights for what she believes in. It is her hope that public funds will eventually be able to be used to give every family, including those who are in the direst of economical needs, the opportunity to place their children in a school that they deem worthy of giving them a good education. Her husband, Dick DeVos, and herself once had the chance to see how happy it made lower income families to be able to have educational choice, and ever since that time, she has taken it upon herself to be their champion. She wants no family to be left behind, and she won’t stop fighting for those who don’t have the same opportunity to fight for themselves.


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