Find Your School: Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education, a California-based charter school, is changing the landscape in education. Every single one of us has a different level of education to some degree even though many of us have taken the same classes. Having the ability to retain this valuable information is easier said than done. Unfortunately, most people do not learn at the same speed or even posses the same mental capacity. Rocketship Education has ushered in a new wave of learning tools that has increased the test scores of hundreds of children. Rocketship Education is a national chain of high-performing elementary schools. Founded by Preston Smith in 2006, this charter school first opened its doors in the city of San Jose, California.

Underserved communities are greatly benefiting from this advanced-learning system. Rocketship Education takes mathematic to whole new level thanks to its use of interactive programs. Yes, technology plays a big role in the success of the school, but some people have had their doubts. To shutdown this argument, all you would have to do is to take a look at the students’ test scores. In many cases, the students’ test scores have risen between 1 – 3 percent. This may not be huge news for some people, but for a child who hasn’t had the best of start, it can mean the world. Rocketship Education operates in an estimated five schools and there are an estimated 450 students per school. “Every child deserves an excellent education” is one of the school’s mottos.

Computer-based programs are the norm at Rocketship Education. These programs are very thorough as well as extremely fun to participate in. Accelerated Reader 360, ST Math, I-Ready and Compass Learning Odyssey are some of the programs. Thanks to such huge success, RE is looking to expand into Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington D.C.

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