Southridge Capital is a renowned company specialized in direct investment and advisory services to its clients from a different background. Stephen Hicks is the CEO and founder of Southridge Capital. It has positioned itself in the market over the years despite the rising competition in the industry. It is operating on the edge of its market considering the expertise of its team and the control of direct investment totaling $1.8 billion in new companies. It has gone on record to finance at least 250 public entities globally.


According to Ideamensch, the services provided by Southridge Capital include financial analysis, maintaining financial statements, restructuring solutions and legal services such as settling litigations. Furthermore, the company offers credit facilities and securitization for instance monetization of companies’ assets through loans. Also, through Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) Southridge Capital assists companies in generating capital. In each of the above services, Southridge Capital is accredited for offering the best solutions to its clients. Notably, Southridge Capital has provided financial solutions to several companies that were on the brink of bankruptcy such as Lounsbury House, Ridgefield Foundation Landmark among others.


Stephen Hicks opens up that the idea of Southridge came to him while working at NY hedge fund particularly following the return of the principal to Australia. He credits the principal for the opportunity to work on his hedge fund while still under him. Usually, he starts the day by reviewing the portfolio and ensuring investments are highly placed as he looks for new opportunities in the market. Stephen Hicks points out his experience of two decades in the investment industry to fruitfully implementing ideas. Through searching, they can identify organizations with entire needs of their services.Stephen Hicks tells that the daily realization of more cash proceeds from the portfolio has to a greater extent shaped him into a productive entrepreneur that everyone identifies with nowadays.


According to Newswire, he categorically advises the younger entrepreneurs that they should not get their hands on many deals but instead concentrate on cash as opposed to returns. In the end, Stephen Hicks mentions Wall Street Journal online, Quotestream and OTC markets that help in improving productivity as you get first-hand information on the companies in the market. Lastly, he recommends individuals to read the book Titan that is about the successes and failures of Rockefeller.



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