CEO Lori Senecal Is Successfully Directing CP+B

Lori Senecal has a huge position to play at the corporation, CP+B. Today, she is responsible for the companies overall direction and growth internationally. Managing the company to become a global contender was a major accomplishment for Lori. Despite the fact that Lori has not been at the company a long time, starting back in 2015, she has still managed to contribute more than most in the same amount of time. Using innovation as a driving tool for the company’s success in the market, CP+B has managed to win several awards for creativity. Lori Senecal was also one of the few individuals named as a leading executive to keep an eye on in the business world, one of just four in fact. This is not exactly something new for Lori since she has been regarded as one of the leading businesswomen in the country for many years. Check out Bloomberg to see more.


Back in 2017, Lori Senecal was also the recipient of the Most Creative People award for her impressive innovative and strategies for bringing new growth to her company. Lori’s determination to try routes others haven’t dared to try is what has been putting her ahead of the competition and she has become an expert at it. Lori has been a successful leader long before she joined the team at CP+B. Before starting up her role at CP+B, Lori worked for KBS where she had a tenure position for her impressive accomplishments, including recruiting more than 600 employees. Despite what some might think, Lori is not a cutthroat businesswoman either, usually showing kindness and a strong respect for workplace health and satisfaction. You can visit YouTube for more videos



Many of the ideas that Lori acts on are simply different thoughts and collaborations of various topics over the course of a day. Lori says her vision is one of the most important aspects in her success, as it gives her a clear picture of what she is shooting for at every moment. Working towards her vision on a daily basis makes it a true goal and not just a dream.



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