Rodrigo Terpins Passion, Ambition and Adrenaline.

At 44 years Old, Rodrigo Terpins passion for speed is just as a he was when he was younger. Rally drivers all wish to compete in the main stage. In Brazil, the main stage is the Sertões Rally. Rodrigo Terpins has over the years participated and has accumulated 5 victories. What is even more exciting his value for his family. He used his experience to help his younger brother in the game.

The Sertões is the main stage because it is the most solid off-road rally track in Brazil. With 26000 km of off-road track, rally drivers love the challenge and adrenaline that come with it. The 7 stages are magnificent and that it happens in two states, any rally driver including Rodrigo Terpins love to compete here.

On the 22 edition of the Sertões rally, Rodrigo Terpins had excellent results. In his words, Rodrigo Terpins tells how great he and the team were in ensuring that they had the results they received. He also lauds how important the challenge was and how the equipment was upgraded. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The Rally world is familiar with the iconic name, Rodrigo Terpins. Not only for his prowess as a racer but also as an organizer of special events in rally racing. His company, T5 Participacoes, is well known for organizing the best rally events in Brazil.

Together with his Brother, Michael Terpin a fellow rally driver, Rodrigo is very optimistic about the future of rally racing in Brazil. They share sentiments that the sport can only get better going forward.

Rodrigo Terpins also acknowledges the role the father played in his career. His father was an athletic man in his youth. From a young age, he would love how athletism was enjoyable. Rodrigo also learned the art of sportsmanship. Besides, Rodrigo Terpins learned how to compete fairly and always seek the glory. The simple values he learned from watching his father compete as a basketballer largely influence his career.

The sport has grown, in Brazil. History will be written and when it is written one fact is sure. Long after his career is over the book of legends will contain a chapter on the Legend Rodrigo Terpins.



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