Southridge Capital in A Strategic Move for Business Development

It is amazing how something good can be born after a setback. Stephen M. Hicks after graduating began working at a hedge fund in Australia. However, the principal there realized the fund was not yielding much and winding it would be a better option. Steve Hicks propelled his vision further but also realized he could establish his own hedge fund. The principal allowed him to set up Southridge Capital LLC. While still being in the latter’s payroll.


Steve Hicks explained that his ideas about the innovative products at Southridge Capital LLC and unique operations comes from his personal experience. His typical day beings with reviewing how his line products are performing, make a clear list of each item, assign the responsibility to the staff. He also reads widely and researches to find new opportunities and keeps track of the existing investments.


As an investment expert, he explains various investment that the changing economy has created and how profitable it would be to someone who cease it. However, he is excited about a new trend in the market which is yet to be explored. This is cryptocurrency and pot. These are new ways of trading that is relatively more like securities trading although the asset is virtual. However, many people have already made a fortune from the continuous return on their investment.


As an entrepreneur, he recounts of how he invested good money into bad at Petals, a company he had founded. This lead to heavy financial loss. He advises people not to be too focused on deals but should rather chase return from one channel. Determination and focus are key to being successful in business.  For more details you can checkout



About Southridge Capital LLC


Southridge is an investment firm. It managed various private hedge funds, and equity firms and in involved in business development, business strategizing, financial structure, acquisitions and investment banking. Southridge was founded in 1996 and is based in Connecticut and has other offices in Ontario, California, Los Angeles and New York. This company has brought a turn around to business which were heading south and have now become great. Apparently, Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and CEO, Mr. Narine Persaud as the Chief Financial Officer, and Henry Barry is the Chief Operating Officer. To see more visit




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