Vijay Eswaran’s Advice On Coming Up Big In Business.

Vijay Eswaran is one of the more prominent Malaysian entrepreneurs and philanthropists currently working in the business world. As the Executive Chairman of the vaunted QI Group of Companies, Eswaran works on projects all over the world in order to push his enterprises to their limits. Eswaran graduated from University in London with an Economics Degree and he has taken that degree and run with it, operating in every major market in the world. Now, Eswaran is ready to give back to entrepreneurs looking to follow his lead. Let’s learn from Eswaran to see what he believes are the keys of being a successful entrepreneur.

Vijay Eswaran knows full well that there is no such thing as a typical day at the office for an entrepreneur. For more than a decade, Eswaran insists that he has lost all semblance of normality. Eswaran admits that he could spend one day in Bangkok before hopping on a plane for Kuala Lumpur or even London. With that being said, Eswaran still manages to find some semblance of routine. He focuses on starting every single day in silence, focusing on meditation and mindfulness after he wakes up. After a restful and relaxing morning, Eswaran emerges ready to face the day.

As far as operating within the world of business, Eswaran knows that success only comes once you’ve networked with the right people — even if it means just having conversations. Eswaran admits that to successfully bring his concepts to life, he needs a team of bright minds to bounce concepts off of. Eswaran believes in taking these conversations and riding them until the core idea that he was working with has developed. In Eswaran’s mind, an incomplete idea is worthless and what’s more, an incomplete idea was a waste of time that could have been better spent on something else.

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