Rick Cofer a Hero through Small and Simple Means

Over the last decade we have seen a slew of movies released surrounding superheroes. This year alone another half dozen movies from that genre will hit theaters. But unlike the movies, in real life superheroes are not as common. Finding someone who can rise above the societal norms that can degrade humanity is not something you hear about in the news. So what makes a superhero in real life?

Does a hero need to fight and alien invasion or stop the threat of a multinational organization from taking over the world? Probably not. A hero could be defined by the small and simple things they do to improve humanity. One such hero who is making a large impact in a small way in Austin, Texas is Rick Cofer. He and his law firm sponsored the Kind Clinic and put on a Halloween Ball in October 2018. It may not seem like a huge event, but where it really counts is what the Kind Clinic does.

The Kind Clinic promotes wellness and health among the LGBTQ community. To take it a step further, the Kind Clinic helps those in the LGBTQ community who are homeless and need healthcare. The societal changes of the LGBTQ has come a long way over the past decade, and it is no small feat for Rick Cofer to try and help diversify the evolving community of Austin, and to also help support the health and wellness of both communities.

Rick Cofer is a defense attorney who has served the Austin area helping to defend the more vulnerable parts of the area including homeless and LGBTQ persons. It was an easy fit for Rick’s law firm to sponsor an event that helps promote awareness to the less fortunate or financially crippled who belong to the LGBTQ communities.

Though it may not seem like much to most people, this small act of supporting the Kind Clinic and the LGBTQ community is a huge act of heroism on the part of Rick Cofer Law. He not only helps sponsor these kind of events, but sits as a board member for the Kind Clinic. For Rick it is not about notoriety or fame. He believes in making opportunities for those less fortunate who do not have the means to get affordable healthcare. Rick approaches humanity the same way he prepares for defense cases, that no two situations are alike.

Everyday people doing small extraordinary stuff is what makes the real superheroes. Rick Cofer runs his law firm in a way that helps the little guy, and he supports local community diversity to help the vulnerable and less fortunate. The more people are willing to help each other the way Rick does, the better the world will be to live in.


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