Gino Pozzo: Looking Beyond Passion in Club Ownership

Gino Pozzo is best known for his passion and investment in the football sector. He is the owner of the England based Watford Club. Gino was born in Italy to parents who were football enthusiasts. Through his mother, he was related to the former presidents of the Udinese Football Club. The Pozzo family is still loyal to the Udinese Club years later. Gino moved to the United States at the age of 18years for his Master’s degree at Harvard University. He later moved to Spain, stayed for 20 years in Barcelona and thereafter to London in 2013 to easily oversee the daily activities of the Watford Club.

Pozzo family involvement in sports

The Pozzo family is renowned in sports and especially football. In 1986, Gino Pozzo’s father, Gianpaolo, purchased the Udinese Club in Italy with savings from the family business. The family was dealing with woodwork business during this period and currently owns and manages an electric appliances business in Spain. The Udinese Football Club rose to glory after the acquisition by the family. Besides the football club’s ownership, the family is also involved in property and finance mergers. The family is adopting a new model of ownership of sports clubs and this has placed them as one of the forward-thinking football club owners all over Europe.

How Gino Pozzo runs the football clubs

Gino Pozzo is referred to as the family mastermind when it comes to the scouting-driven model of sports club ownership. Through his leadership, the family is focusing more on the business side of the multi-billion-dollar sports industry. Time is gone when people used to buy football clubs driven by passion only but rather today the move is equally driven by the profit-making investment motive. Recruitment and trading of players are one of the main parts of the club ownership model by the Pozzo family.

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