Boraie Developement partners with Shaquille O’Neil

When looking for a good residential place, several factors will need to come in place. While most of these may narrow down to personal preferences, others may be determined by the size of your family as well as proximity to social amenities. However, finding such a suitable residence can be a hassle if you do not have the right parameters to look into. This can also be complicated by the fact that you may be moving to a new location that you do not have connections.

Taking this into account, Boraie Development has been in the business of building residential facilities in the most convenient of locations. This is in addition to ensuring that they include the best facilities that can cater to any personality and family size. If you are moving to New York, for instance, the company has built The Aspire luxury apartments. These apartments have not only been built expertly in terms of design but also have the best facilities and placed strategically near many social amenities. The project stands just a few steps away from the New Brunswick Train Station. This makes your transportation to work or school much easier. With 24/7 doorman lobby and 238 residential units, you have no reason to look elsewhere for a residential apartment.

Notably, the whole project was made possible thanks to the partnership between Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neil. This has been one of O’Neil’s aspirations and goals as part of his efforts to give back to society. With this move, O’Neil has become an inspiration not only to fellow basketball players but also other sports personalities to do the same and more for their communities.

Looking at the Aspire luxury apartments, one can see the real picture of how a good residential building ought to be designed. The fact that its tenants can get almost everything they can dream of in an apartment is a plus for the project and has added to its ratings.

The Aspire Apartments were built with space, recreation and fun in mind. This is easily notable through its spacious rooms and the fact that the outdoor space has a large allocation for BBQ. The same BBQ space can be turned into a studio or store whenever a need arises. So, if you are moving into or within New Jersey, then this is the perfect location to stay. With its unrivaled services and serene location, you will be glad you made that decision.

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